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Lord of danes kennel

 The story

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We rather think of ourselves as dog lovers to a kennel, because the DOG is a family member for us, not just a dog. We have small and giant dogs, cats and a rabbit as well. 

 The story began, when I got my first dog, Donna, who was a Neapolitan Mastiff, when I was 18.  Me and my husband also met, while we were walking with our dogs.We started our life together, with two dogs, in a block of flats. Sadly his dog, Michelle left us so very early, just at her age of 6 years old.

Our first litter born by Donna. We registrated an FCI kennelname, but it has become so heartbreaking giving our little puppies to their new owners, that we not even dare to take a litter again. So our kennel name reverted to the kennel club.  

When Donna died, we tought we would like a dog, who adopts much more easily the family programs what we took with out children. We wanted a sporty family dog, who essentially needs running and outing. We decided about the German Boxer, and shortly a new member joined to out family, called Marci. With him we got acquainted the world of the dog shows, too.

In 2004, we finally moved to a house, so my beloved bred, the Neapolitan Mastiff could join us again. Zsófi has become the new member of our family. 

In addition to large dogs, we always had a small dog as well. Bence, the wire-haired Dachshund, Rézi, the Poodle and Figs, the Jack Russell terrier. Two years after the arrival of Sophie, our family enlarged again, our 3rd children have been born. So everyone has had their own dog in the family.


We were still eager visitors of the exhibitions, and more and more time we spent at the Great Dane rings. We have always admired this breed on the shows and dreamed about it, once we can have that dog. After Marci and Zsófi's death, we decided about the Great Dane. So in 2012, after a lengthy wait LORD, the Great Dane arrived to our family.

It was love at first sight, since we wanted a harlequin male long time ago. We spent a lot of time with his education and soon we became attuned. We highly appreciated this kind of calm, nobless and willing to learn. Lord soon became the part of our family. I was surprised that such a giant dog so requires our vicinity and  - whenever its possible -  he wants to be with us.Our children quickly become accustomed to his huge stature, playfulness. Quickly evolved, we have found the ideal breed that embody all of us, what we expect of a family dog. We hope, that soon will be be born the following family member,  who may can be the new founder bitch of our new kennel:)

Nearly the same time as Lord arrived, (and after several overused collars, leashes and pet beds) an idea raised in me, there are not found good quality, serving specific demands dog products and equipments on the current Hungarian market for affordable price. So I started  to develop and manufactue a new brand, called Beds for Pets. By now, Beds for Pets is a popular brand, among choosy pets and pet lovers, who wants something special and valueable for their  happyness.    

More information about Beds for Pets >>>



At the May of 2014 we were totally excited, because we were waiting for the birth of our new addition, the harlequin dream female from the kennel "el Santhynor". Under the time, we became very good friends with the breeder, Roxanne, which made our new puppy more valueable. Well... females did not born. Only two males, one harlequin, one merle. We were totally dissapointed. But when the owner of the harl male cancelled his reservation, Roxanne offered him to us. We gladly said yes to him. He was Adagio. I think we made a right decision. 

He is more than a unique dog. 
Untill his age of 12 months old, and over his titles on the shows, he is European Promise + Best Baby, Junior Champion of 2 countries, 2 X BOB, 2 X Junior BIS III, Best of Group, Res. Junior Best of Group, Speciality Winner and Best In Show. Here I would like to say big thanks to his handler, Anita Virágh, who strenght these extraordinary results with her work. 

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At the spring of 2015, Csapó Renáta & Fejes László

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